Any high profile sporting event must have its own website to keep worldwide spectators informed of every single competition. Calendars, schedules, news articles, all information is not enough when the public cannot attend the event and, so they decide to follow it by the internet. So Witen Sports offers you to create and manage the official website, and tracking social networks, so your event would have a strong Internet presence. Also in our technological society in which we live it is important to show by the website, a modern and fresh image of the event, thus the image transmitted of the event, facing outside, be positive and of the best quality.


In Witen Sports we know how hard it is to organize an event. It needs a good organization of athletes, accrediting them, bring them to the sites, feeding all the staff members, or giving accommodation. Our purpose is to make that job easy, so we offer to manage all the logistics management, not only of the equipment but also for the human workforce. We also intend to bring the whole system of accreditation, and volunteers. We offer to carry with all logistics management and system maintenance, for no interruptions during the process, and thus make the job easier throughout the event. In addition we offer an intuitive and simple system so, anybody can use it.


It is important for the media, to have a reliable platform of information, enabling them to write complete notes and news that are responsible for transmitting to the world what happens in the event. In Witen Sports we want the information to reach the media and / or persons for whom it's essential to get the contents generated to be able to make quality coverage. We have technology tools for collaboration and information that allow us to inform all the media at the time that the information is required, these tools are:

  • INFO System
  • E-mail news
  • SMS news
  • Social Networks
  • Official website of the event


In any sporting event hundreds of data are generated per second between scores, stats, schedule changes, court swap ... And those results have to be grouped in order to access all information at once. In Witen Sports we develop computer systems for scores and statistics to provide real-time data about everything that happens on each day of a sports event. Besides all the results and information on each sport must be integrated in an INFO page containing all the data from all sports, and keep informed of the event all target audiences .Furthermore, as each event is different from previous we adjust our results system to the needs of each competition, while taking into account official regulations for each sport and technical manuals, so that the information gained is always as reliable as possible.


Despite that we are living in a society immersed in new technologies, many federations use outdated software to monitor athletes. In Witen Sports we propose to change their spreadsheets or basic documents that greatly limit the updating of the data, using web applications much simpler to use. So having to calculate the rankings or scores after each tournament will no longer be a problem , and the members of the federation will have access to much more information on each athlete such as biography, history or photography. We just need you to give us your requirements and we do the rest. Our task is to make the job easier and accessible to the staff of the federation.


  • Editorial coverage
    Development of previous notes, reports, interviews and press conferences.
  • Medals Alerts
    Real time electronic distribution of medals by mailing and SMS.
  • Info System
    Technological platform for information management and distribution.