About us

Witen Sports is a company that brings technological solutions focused to sports events, which are becoming more and more important for our society. The company was born from the need to inform and be informed about what is happening in a sports event as it is composed of many activities at the same time. sometimes it can be tough to know what is taking place in different sports at the same time, so that's why it's important to have a good information system, so everybody can be conscious of what is going on. Moreover it's essential for us to bring reliable, dinamic and quality information to the different targets involved in the event.

What do we do?

Witen Sports offers a wide range of technological solutions for news spreading in sports events. We bring you a complete information system not only with the aim of informing the public, but also the journalists with an editorial service that makes the press work easier with quality information.

Who does it?

In Witen sports we have a professional and experienced team in informations technology, which is responsible for providing the support and the necessary platform for the activities and operations of news coverage and editorial content.

Who do we work for?

Our services are aimed at all kinds of sports organizations. From national and international committees, as COPAG in recent Pan American Games in Guadalajara, to sports federations and associations.

Why do we do it?

When performing a sports event it is crucial to keep the public, media, organization and teams informed, taking into account what information is important and relevant for each target. Nowadays we need to be informed of what is happening, and that need is what drives us to do our work and improve it.


  • Editorial coverage
    Development of previous notes, reports, interviews and press conferences.
  • Medals Alerts
    Real time electronic distribution of medals by mailing and SMS.
  • Info System
    Technological platform for information management and distribution.